The Art of Manifestation is a truly unique and revolutionary pathway to mastering the manifestation process - simply, quickly and joyously! I not only guide you to fulfill your cherished desires, but I provide essential manifestation tools that you can utilize forever! But before the destination lays the journey. With The Art of Manifestation, you’ll find that the process of learning how to materialize your dreams and aspirations is as fun, easy and fulfilling as each of your important goals.

I am here to turn your dreams into reality. A dream or goal is a future place that you want to reach, which requires you to grow and improve as a person in order to achieve it. With The Art of Manifestation, I help you to clear your past, redefine who you are, identify your true aspirations and create a path that gets you where you want to go. 

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Foundation Session

This extraordinary, complete, 2-hour primary manifestation session provides all of the essential tools to clear your past, redefine who you are, clear a path and create the life you have always intended! 

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Speed of Light Package

With my special, condensed, four-week Speed of Light Package, you will receive:

  • Initial 2-hour AOM session
  • The Art of Manifestation manual
  • Two 1 hour in-person sessions (this can be divided into four 30 minute sessions)
  • Eight 15-minute power coaching calls

Special benefits include: 

  • Personal one-on-one guidance
  • Gain extra insights and bonus step-by-step assistance
  • Accountability and motivation
  • Results that you can count on!

The Speed of Light Package is an excellent option for those who want to excel in one of the fastest and surest ways to outstanding manifestation results!

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Power Package

Many of my clients with busy lifestyles and heavy work commitments need additional time to manifest their destiny. Others need more intensive communication and guidance. With The Art of Manifestation Power Package, I offer additional interface with my clients who require the extra time and attention to catapult their results into the stratosphere.

With my special, extended, two-month Power Package, you will receive:

  • Initial 2-hour AOM session
  • The Art of Manifestation manual
  • Four 1 hour in-person sessions
  • Twelve 15-minute power coaching calls
  • Eight succinct email communications

Special benefits include:

  • Personal one-on-one guidance
  • Gain extra insights and bonus step-by-step assistance
  • Accountability and motivation
  • Extended learning time
  • Results that you can count on!
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Installment Plans Available - Please Inquire

One on One Course

1 year one-on-one course.

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1. Produce tangible results within just hours!

2. Master how to create important people, places, events and things in your life.

3. Discover your limitless power!

4. Engage in the world around you with confidence!

5. Enjoy your life effortlessly!

About Sterling

The Heart of Manifestation

Sterling has gathered over 20 years of extraordinary experience in the fields of life coaching, psychology, spiritualism and the manifestation process. She formally studied psychology in Dallas, and between 1998-2003, studied advanced personal development at the famed Landmark Education Center in Los Angeles. In 1998, she began her professional career as life coach. Sterling then developed her unique The Art of Manifestation © program for clients to create and experience outstanding lives. Sterling is also a published author who has contributed feature articles and other relevant content to such national and regional magazines as Beverly Hills Times, Discover Hollywood and Focus Magazine, amongst many others. Today, she offers all of her services at Get Your Life Now, her spiritual life coaching practice in West Hollywood, California and through online, telephone and Skype appointments. Ultimately, Sterling provides caring and passionate manifestation and spiritual guidance, leading clients to fulfill the amazing lives that they've always intended.



"I am so impressed and grateful for the guidance that Sterling gave me! 

She is the real deal and I wish I could just yell from the mountain tops the truth she shares.
I learned about myself on a deep level and I found myself forgiving and letting go every day. I love the feeling of ultimate peace even when presented with chaotic situations. 
But I also have experienced real magic!

Once I began the work, magic and miracles began to manifest IMMENSELY!  Things that I wanted started to materialize right away. I received UNBELIEVABLE phone calls about new opportunities, to career changing and life changing emails, recognition, to more love, more abundance, and supreme gratefulness!!!
The opportunities have been POURING in. A new found confidence and happiness has presented itself in what are usually high pressure situations. 
I am also feeling healthy,  fit and beautiful. I like myself more than ever and I love my relationship with the universe. Thank you Sterling. Life coach, life changer, life friend."

  Sofia G.


"Sterling is a truly gifted individual. In my sessions with her, she was able to help transform my current circumstances from good to AMAZING! She really took me to the next level. I was always looking for ways to grow myself and my world and although I had in many ways, the Art of Manifestation really catapulted my life in ways I couldn’t imagine. I now work from seaside places around the world, I have amazing relationships and my work is growing at an incredibly fast rate. I have a life that I LOVE and feel anything I truly want comes to me easily, effortlessly and in a really fun way thanks to Sterling!"

Seth G.

"If you're feeling stuck in any area of life or have been reading about "The Secret" and want to make some serious changes... FAST..... THIS IS THE ANSWER FOR YOU.

Sterling has perfected the art of manifestation and blows "The Secret" out of the water. Once you implement her customized program, your life changes immediately. It's something you must experience yourself to really understand. My life went from complete chaos, to structured and organized bliss. Any dream you can imagine is right around the corner.. I quickly realized that anything in life is truly attainable. 

I've stop asking "when is this going to happen?"... and I just know that it will. Save your money by going to a therapist and try Sterling's Life Coaching methods first. Again, this is something you need to try for yourself to truly understand.

After my many life changing sessions with Sterling, I don't feel like I've wasted a penny. I've gained a life coach, friend, mentor and someone who will frequently check up on how I'm doing (always seems to be at the right times!). From her smile and energy.. to even to her advice.... you truly won't find a more genuine person to help you feel more grounded, have your questions answered and leave with a smile on your face :)"

Sara M.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: Is The Art of Manifestation like other manifestation methods out there? Might I already know some of this stuff?

A: This is a great question! Other manifestation methods may provide some useful tools to enhance and improve the quality of your life, but often raise a lot of unanswered questions, which typically lead to limited results. With The Art of Manifestation, you access the true you, which helps to create tangible, empowering, rapid outcomes – exactly the way you intended in a new and inspiring way! And with The Art of Manifestation, I importantly help you to clear your past of disappointments and restrictions, which equips you to stand in the limitless. Traditionally, we allow things in our lives to emerge through circumstances and personal limitations. We tend to play a small game with less than satisfactory results or we end up with exactly what we don’t want. When you work this remarkable manifestation system, you become the only thing needed to create your wildest, liberating and joyous dreams!


2. Q: Why is The Art of Manifestation worth my time and money?

A: Simply because it works powerfully and cannot be compared to other law of attraction systems that largely offer manifestation philosophies, instead of concrete steps to transform your life. Yet, like a nutrition and exercise regime, it only works if you work it.


3. Q: What will I get out of it?

A: You get the life that you always wanted! The Art of Manifestation can produce tangible results within just hours. It enables you to master how to create important people, places, events and things in your life. With AOM, you will also discover your limitless power and engage in the world around you with confidence! Ultimately, you will enjoy your life to the fullest – effortlessly!


4. Q: How do I know that The Art of Manifestation really works?

A: Many of my clients report results immediately once they start! The initial shift that your life makes is powerful and truly transformational. As your inner world changes, your outer world changes, providing access to your desired results.


5. Q: Am I a good candidate for The Art of Manifestation?

A: Anyone who is committed to engaging in the most amazing, fulfilling, satisfying and successful life imaginable is a great candidate.


6. Q: Why should I go with Sterling? Why is she qualified to teach this unique manifestation process?

A: I have rigorously studied the law of attraction and manifestation process since 1998 and have discovered that there is a certain “recipe,” so to speak, which once followed, creates tangible and intended results. This concise, fast acting, powerful system takes the guesswork out of the manifestation process and delivers exactly what you need!


Please contact us directly for a free initial consultation or if you would like to make an appointment with Sterling.

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