Success Doesn't Create Happiness - Happiness Creates Success!


30 Days to Total Transformation

You can not create happiness out of success, but you can create success out of happiness.

 Written by Sterling Mire

I want to ask you a simple question but I’d like you to think about it before answering. Are you happy? Really think about it and let me just clarify the question:  I don’t mean have you experienced happiness or do you experience happiness from time to time. Such as in those fleeting moments in life where we feel happy such as: when we land our dream job, fall in love, being with our family, buying a new car, on vacation, receiving validation from someone or something that means a lot to us.

Most people rely on outside circumstances to dictate when they get to experience moments of happiness For a moment, let’s reflect on those times where circumstances allow us to experience fleeting happiness. How much time would that represent collectively? I am talking about taking all those moments that were spent happy. We may think that during our vacation we were completely happy the whole time, but what about the stress of getting to the airport on time? Worrying about whether we packed the right things? How about the mix up at the hotel? Or when we finally arrived at the beach and it rained? Those moments are not happy moments spent, so those times would not be included in when we calculate the total amount of time experiencing happiness. So, when you think about it like that, how much time would be represented? Would it represent hours? A few days? Maybe a week or month? Ok, let’s just say for the sake of argument, 6 months? That is 4,368 hours.

Remember, a month is 720 hours you get to be happy in all of your life yet there is 692,499.78 hours in the average life span of 79 years. Would that be a good estimate?

What if I told you that you could experience happiness regardless of what circumstances you find yourself facing. No matter what life throws you, you could still experience and retain happiness, peace and fulfillment in the face of all things no matter how unfortunate. Picture that for a moment. Calculate how much time that is: to put it simply the answer is: all the time.

What would you experience of life be then? What would you be capable of then? Just take a moment and think about it. Pretty awesome, huh?

Now, let me take a moment to talk about success, because I can hear some of you thinking: “Boy, if I just had more success in my life, I’d be HAPPY!” Really?? Hmmm, let’s look at some of those public figures in society that had success: Elvis Presley: happy? No. In fact, many people said he really struggled to find happiness after his mother died.

I just read a book about Errol Flynn the famous movie star of the 30s, 40s, 50s? He had it all: great looks, an exciting creative career as an actor, money, a house on Mulholland Hills, women. Happy? No. I wouldn’t say someone is happy when at the peak of their success they were contemplating suicide with a bottle of Vodka in one hand and a revolver in the other.

Kurt Cobain, Robin Williams, Janice Joplin, Marilyn Monroe, Howard Hughes, Casey Johnson (heiress to Johnson & Johnson) Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson, Jesse Livermore (the “wonder boy” of Wall Street) and the list is almost inexhaustible, all unhappy. All of them “had it all”.  Or did they? Really you could say they actually had nothing because they had not found happiness in their lives. Success is over-rated. Happiness is under-rated, in our country. With happiness you can create success. You can not create happiness out of success!

If we are happy in life our life changes dramatically. In fact, EVERYTHING changes in all the ways we want it to be. We experience: peace, happiness, success, serendipity (luck), synchronicity, fulfillment (perfect timing and flow in our lives and more. So, not only do people reach their destinations but the journey is awe-inspiring and fulfilling!

When I work with my clients, the first thing I do is get them to powerfully tap into their own happiness and fulfillment from within. The attainment of things and the achievements they are also interested in follow naturally and quite effortlessly.

You see, what I offer as a manifestation specialist goes way over and beyond goal setting and positive thinking. I am speaking about tapping into your personal power to materialize anything you want to experience in your life without having to take into consideration perceived limitations such as resources like money,  education or opportunities.  I’ll give you a great example: I had a client a few years ago who wanted to open her own real estate business but didn’t have any money whatsoever to do so. After working for real estate companies for many years, she was certain she no longer wanted to work for someone else. She wanted to own and lead her own business. Through working with the AOM system, within 2 months she materialized her business for free. She was literally gifted a 35 year old established business without effort – it just fell into her lap!

Here’s another one. I was working with a couple who wanted to build their dream home. They had saved the money to build the home but they didn’t have the money for the breath-taking piece of land they had set their heart on. Within a month and a half a friend of theirs bought 20 acres of the very land they wanted to build their house on. When they told their friend how they loved the same land as much as she did, the friend gave them 2.5 acres to build their home on free of charge! Their friend said it was worth giving them the land knowing who their neighbor would be.

I had another client come to me broken down by the recent break-up with his fiancé of 3 years. He was literally in tears and inconsolable. Within 2 weeks of working together, the aspiring musician received an offer to join the writing team for a top #1 female singer. I recall him describing how the offer came suddenly right out of the blue! I completely understood how this miracle came about through his working the AOM system. When we reviewed his 30 days I had to remind him that he also healed his broken heart. He had totally forgotten about that his life was so unrecognizable!


Client testimonials

Dina Amer - AOM client .jpg

Sterling's AOM system has been life altering! I'm so grateful to have her my life. The results have been so powerful, I've put everyone I know into her program. This program is for everyone and I wish the whole world would sign up for it!

Dina A.

Cairo, Egypt

AOM client - Sofia Gonzales JPG.JPG

Once I started the AOM System, magic and miracles began to manifest immediately! Incredible and UNBELIEVABLE new opportunities came pouring in!

 Sofia G.

San Francisco 

AOM client Jennifer Eden .jpg

Once working AOM System, I am more balanced, focused, happy and trusting in the life that I am creating. Doors open; life falls into the space that you have created for it. It's a practical approach that is grounding and successful, and it is simple to apply!

 Jennifer E.

Sydney, Australia

Pretty astonishing? Doesn’t even seem quite possible, right? These people have tapped into a realm of being that most of us have never experienced and don’t even know exist. These people are just like you and me. They come from all walks of life and all kinds of cultures. Consider that you have no idea of what you are actually capable of experiencing and doing in life until you have tapped into and accessed your unlimited, expansive power! If it all starts with you, what could possible be more important than YOU!