Sterling has completely changed my life!!! I am so grateful for her!!! Backstory: i was going through a devastating breakup and at a slump in my life and career, taking anxiety medications, and practicing any unhealthy behavior I could get my hands on. My friends were all worried and I was gifted a session with Sterling bc I was doing so unwell.

Jennifer Jones AOM client.jpg

I went in so skeptical. But after meeting Sterling I knew I needed to dive into this, so I did the AOM program, and a month later I am completely transformed.

Friends and family can't believe how much I am glowing, everyone notices the changes. Honestly, I wish I hadn't even gone to my therapy sessions because it had me reliving the past traumas in my life. It left me depressed and basically suicidal. The AOM system worked far better.

I've changed the way I think and live and so many wonderful freaking crazy things have happened . Procrastination and fear have disappeared and I am moving forward with sheer inspiration and achieving my goals daily and easily. I come from a place of peace, forgiveness and understanding in regards to my ex and I feel whole, complete and free, something I never thought would happen when I started.

Medical bills were miraculously "made exceptions" and taken care of, I ran into A list casting directors I was trying to target, I'm booking jobs and swimming in abundance all the time, etc.

My friendships and relationships are deeper and more meaningful than ever. I could not recommend this program more. Sterling is a goddess and has created such a beautiful life changing method. I wake up everyday thinking WHAT MAGIC IS NEXT, because there always is. Thank you so much Sterling!!

Jen Jones



"I went to Sterling for her life coaching services, this is a little misleading since the sessions was less life coaching and more life changing! In one two hour session she broke down her technique for transforming my life, with lots of fun, personal asides. (She has used this same program to create a wonderfully fulfilling life for herself) 

Although I was initially worried about the investment in coaching sessions, she immediately put me at ease with her warm, generous nature, and patiently went through a step by step guide. I felt completely energized and confident after this session, and started implementing it as soon as I got home. Its only been 3 days and I'm already seeing movement and success in my life. A seemingly impossible scheduling problem was easily solved, and my representation called me up with new opportunities out of the blue! I can't wait to see where I'm at come the end of the week.

Best of all has been the complete 180 in my mindset, I feel calmer and happier with this new outlook on life and knowing things are in motion. I highly recommend Sterling for life coaching!" 




The Art of Manifestation service Sterling offers allowed me to turn all of my dreams into reality! I manifested my own real estate business (among many, many other things) from utilizing the tools Sterling taught me. It was truly an amazing experience! I came to her at a crossroads in my life. I wanted to relocate to Canyon Country in Texas from Houston and I wanted to have my own real estate company after working for other companies throughout the years but I didn’t have the funds to do it. That is when I came to her to explore the possibilities that she offers. After working with her for a few short months I went from confusion and frustration to clarity and empowerment which allowed me to buy an amazing hilltop country home and have my own business, which came free with no strings attached. This is my story: I was visiting the hill country and during that visit I had to take my pet into the vet for a routine shot. While in the waiting area a woman struck up a conversation with me. I expressed my desire to live in Canyon Lake one day and to have my own real estate business there. She told me she owned the oldest and most established real estate company (there was only one other real estate company in the area) and that her husband had just passed away and she was planning to move closer to her daughter and retire. Right then and there she offered her business to me for FREE! I could hardly believe it when she said it, but I am living proof that it happened! My dream came true and my life changed in an instant and I know it is because of Sterling’s Art of Manifestation system because if the “old” me had been in that situation I would have been closed up, shy and feeling insecure and uncomfortable opening up and talking to a “stranger”. Well, she turned out not to be a stranger but an angel. Forever thank you Sterling…You gave me my life and I definitely couldn’t have done it without you!!




Having found therapy useless in the past I decided to try Sterling's AOM system. This has been the biggest life-changing thing I've ever experienced! Even though my life started changing the moment I started this program (I chose The Power Package) my world keeps expanding and transforming and I love it! That is why I am thrilled about discovering this program and I will continue to use it because it works powerfully. Me and my life are forever changed for the better!

In my life I now experience at all times:

*Increased awareness
*Peace and well being overcoming trauma
*Sense of ease in life
*Empowered regardless of outside circumstances and able to transform the circumstances to align to me
*Created things into existence just by saying so and on the day as I  said it would
*Improved overall outlook on life
*Taking action where once stopped
*Overcame procrastination - no more anxiety or depression
*Developed deeper and more fulfilling relationships
*Connected to myself powerfully
*Discovered new talents and thriving
*Powerfully Independent
*Job improvements and new career opportunities; Abundance
*Effortless loving life living and thriving instead of just surviving

If you are ready for an extraordinary life then contact Sterling and do her Art of Manifestation program.

I am so glad I did!

~Sophie Bracken


Ariana Roque AOM client.jpg

Sterling's AOM ( art of manifestation program) is incredible she is so good at guiding you through the whole experience and even teaches you life practices that you can use on your own to create your own magical life! The AOM program is for anyone and everyone looking to pursue their wildest dreams!!! They really do come true with sterlings help!

Thank you so much Sterling!

~Ariana R.



Where do I begin with Sterling!
Wow! She is beautiful inside and out, genuine, loving, intelligent, funny... I could go on and on!

My coworker recommended me to her. I was blown away by her. She has phenomenal intuition and understanding of people!

I chose the Speed of Light package and boy is that an understatement. I'm now moving so fast and feel like everything is happening all at once that I'm having trouble keeping up with all of the great things that are showing up in my life. All amazing stuff though!

Yes, initially the package was a stretch for me financially, but SO worth it. Who I am now vs the person I was when I walked in for my initial session is night and day and this is only the beginning. I am experiencing things that I never would have imagined! Yes it's overwhelming at times, but if you do her AOM system, your life will change!

If you are in a funk, stuck, and/or just need a major shift in your life, please do yourself a favor and go see the one and only, Sterling!!

~Christina Segovia


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