The Speed of Light Package - The Miraculous Life


The Speed of Light Package - The Miraculous Life


Some of my clients need more intensive communication and guidance. With The Art of Manifestation Power Package, I offer additional interface with my clients who require the extra time and attention to catapult their results into the stratosphere at the Speed of Light.

This special intensive four-week Speed of Light package takes you to the next level of manifestation with more in-depth, personalized training of the life changing tools and practices to create significant and long-lasting success.

This package consists of:

* Initial 3 hour AOM sessions

* The Art of Manifestation manual - the air-tight secret recipe for success

* 2x’s a week: 20 minute power coaching calls

* Extraordinary exercises designed for daily breakthroughs

* One-on-one 1 hour completion session

Special benefits include:

* One on one guidance

* Guided healing meditation to subconsciously reverse negative emotions, habits and behaviors

* Simple yet powerful and easy practices for true power

*Completing your past once and for all

* Powerful shifts within just minutes of starting

* Integrating the AOM system easily into your daily life

* Daily tangible and extraordinary results

* Profound understanding of the manifestation process on a daily basis

* Accountability and motivation

* The experience of transformation in all areas of your life

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