The Foundation Package - The Magical Life


The Foundation Package - The Magical Life


A basic yet very effective 30 day package for incorporating the system’s tools for accessing the manifestation power into all areas of your life. 

* Initial 1 hour AOM session

* The Art of Manifestation manual - the manual for life (the step-by-step system for creating success in all areas of your life)

* 1 hour follow up session

* Eight 15 minute power coaching calls

* Additional 1 hour completion session


Special benefits include:

* Learn how to effectively create your future

* One on one guidance

*Completing your past once and for all

* Powerful shifts within just minutes of starting

* Creating your future without limitations or past restraints

* Integrating the AOM system easily into your daily life

* Profound understanding of the manifestation process on a daily basis

* Daily tangible and extraordinary results 

* Accountability and motivation

* The experience of transformation in all areas of your life

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