The Power Package - Be Unstoppable

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The Power Package - Be Unstoppable


Ninety days to excellence takes the Art of Manifestation System to a whole other level of power! Access and experience your manifestation powers like never before . Live every minute of life in such an empowered way that leaves others in awe and you calling your desired future into being through the power of your word. Catapult your results! 

With my special, extended, 3 month power package, you will receive:

* Initial three 1 hour AOM comprehensive sessions

* Twenty-four 20 minute Power coaching calls

* The celebrated Art of Manifestation manual

* Powerful and quick practices to experience daily breakthrough results

* Guided healing meditation to subconsciously reverse negative emotions, habits and behaviors

* “Office hours” anytime email correspondence as needed

* Tangible and extraordinary results

* Bonus 30 minute mid-way assessment session

* Three 1 hour 30 day review sessions

* Tools for unconscious restructuring for the fastest results - point of center

* Accountability and motivation

* The experience of transformation in all areas of your life

* Fastest and most effective track for mastering the manifestation process


Special benefits include:

* No longer affected by circumstances. Circumstances align to what you want

* Personal one-on-one sessions

* Daily access to additional coaching 

* Experiencing your life as you want - with peace, ease and satisfaction

* Deepened understanding, clarity and knowledge plus bonus step-by-step guidance

* Thought transference

* Simple to use yet powerful,  fast acting life-changing exercises

* Accountability and motivation

* Mastering and deepening of the manifestation process with ease and utmost clarity

* Results you can count on that last a lifetime! 

Popular choice and best value!

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