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Retreat Services

The dynamic spiritual life coach and published author, Sterling, now offers her unique signature Art of Manifestation session in a special weekend group seminar. This extraordinary event provides her clients with the primary tools needed to clear their past, open their true path and crate the life that they have always intended.

The Art of Manifestation picks up right where the best-selling The Secret leaves off, enabling Sterling’s clients to create what they desire on a daily basis with tangible results that they can truly experience.

Sterling developed the revolutionary Art of Manifestation life coaching program for herself, close friends and family in order to reach their personal goals and live outstanding lives. The word of mouth spread, which enabled Sterling to begin her Intuitive Life By Sterling practice in Beverly Hills, California.

Sterling consistently combines her extraordinary intuitive ability, always inspires clients and clarifies their important questions with her divers intuitive capabilities. When clients work with sterling, they experience the art of a skilled life coach, psychologist and intuit at every meeting and seminar.

With the Art of Manifestation, Sterling leads all of her clients with vitality and velocity – directly to fulfilling their lives. Accurate, reliable methods and over 20 years of experience mean that clients can truly create their wildest dreams.

To book Sterling and her one-of-a-kind Art of Manifestation seminar at your health and wellness center, getaway retreat or special event, contact:

Info@getyourlifenow.com or call 213-700-3078

Sterling will provide interested event hosts with a brief introduction to the Art of Manifestation and a seminar outline upon request.