Become an AOM Life Coach

Become a certified AOM life coach here. Transform the lives of others while you live life dreams are made of!

Why become an AOM life coach?

  1. You receive the profound privilege to assist in transforming the lives of people, therefore, transforming the world! It’s perfect!
  2. You learn how to live the most fulfilling life you can imagine by creating your world through mastering the manifestation process.
  3. Be a leader. Make your own hours and create your business exactly the way you want it to be!
  4. Life Coaching is one of the fastest-growing occupations today. In just a few years, it has grown 600% because the demand is here now. Be amongst the first to embark on this incredible journey and be ahead of the curve!
  5. Other life coaching certification programs range from as little as $6,000 to more than $14,000 but this coveted system’s total investment is only $8,000. You will not only receive the powerful tools for being your best version of a life coach but you will also learn the tricky aspect of building your business and clientele successfully. Did you know that only 15% of certified life coaches actually make a living in this field? Becoming a certified life coach doesn’t automatically mean you are “in business”. With my certification, you will be!

The AOM life coaching certification program is a 4-month course in which you will learn my wholly unique, extraordinary system and engage in the business of life coaching in order to brand presence! Receive guidance, insights, inside information, and tools and grow your business! Your personal experience and comprehensive AOM certification training will enable you to become an expert life coach from personal experience empowering you to lead and assist others in a natural and confident way. Get certified within 4 months and receive additional assistance for up to 12 months. That’s the difference!