An Unsurpassed Wellness + Manifestation Retreat Experience!

Have you ever been on a healing or yoga retreat? Or an empowerment retreat? Or any kind of wellness retreat?

Sterling’s 3-day intensive awakening retreats are a combination of relaxation and transformation. You will be catapulted into an unforgettable life of magic and miracles that you will take back with you into your own life – it’s that powerful!

I am forever changed by Sterling’s AOM Retreat! I was so incredibly transformed that I felt like I had traveled light years away from my life. When I came back to my day-to-day living, everything was so positively different and I had the tools to powerfully move into my future!
Suzan M.
New Orleans, LA

What to expect on Sterling’s AOM Re-treat:

  1. Sterling’s intimate and exclusive group retreats are set in the Joshua Tree desert environment that is abundant and rich in healing negative ions – one of the most powerful healing vortexes in the world.
  2. The extraordinary AOM System booklet – a manual for life!
  3. Sterling’s one-on-one coaching in addition to the group sessions.
  4. Special A-list co-hosts! Top spiritual leaders from top Netflix documentary series to expert nutritionists, yoga and meditation specialists, and bodyworkers.
  5. Learn and understand how to effectively manifest your life with simple step-by-step instructions. This is much more than the law of attraction!
  6. Create new thought patterns while dissolving disempowering beliefs. Your thoughts are the origins of your experiences and outcomes.
  7. A total transformational weekend – Mind, body, and spirit!

Allow yourself to receive. This is much more than indulging yourself – you will forever be transformed and you’ll also learn how to master the manifestation process – simply, easily, and quickly!

There is nothing more important than you. You are the creator of your world. You powerfully affect and impact the lives of others. Doesn’t it seem then that nothing could be more important than consciously creating your life, for yourself and others?

A group of my girlfriends and I decided this is definitely on our “list of things to do”. OMG!! Sterling’s retreat went wayyyyy beyond my expectations! I never knew how powerful her retreat was going to be and I am still using the tools she taught me and couldn’t imagine living without them. They’ve given me everything I’ve wanted! I will be doing this again, Sterling, but this time with some of my family members.
Alison M.
Cleveland, Ohio



Manifest your ideal life, in an ideal setting!