Transformational Weekend Event ~ October 6th, 7th and 8th, 2023

Join us for an unparalleled, 3-day transformational event in the magical Joshua Tree desert Memorial Day Weekend!

What to expect on Sterling’s AOM Re-treat:

  1. Sterling’s intimate and exclusive group retreats are set in the Joshua Tree desert environment that is abundant and rich in healing negative ions – one of the most powerful healing vortex’s in the world.
  2. The extraordinary AOM System booklet – a manual for life!
  3. Sterling’s one-on-one coaching in addition to the group sessions.
  4. Co-hosting this revolutionary transforming event is Jason Thompson! Jason is a world-renowned spiritual teacher with over 30 years experience. He was the co-founder of Australia’s Authenticity retreat with a celebrated run of over 20 years!
  5. Learn and understand how to effectively manifest your life with simple step-by-step instructions. This is much more than the law of attraction!
  6. Create new thought patterns while dissolving disempowering beliefs. Your thoughts are the origins of your experiences and outcomes.
  7. You can count on a total transformational weekend – Mind, body and spirit!
  8. You will enter back into a whole new world as well as returning a whole and re-newed person in just 3 days!

Imagine yourself completely healed from your past and moving into your future with a newly discovered “magic wand”! That is what you can expect during this transformative weekend.

Allow yourself to receive the indelible mark the “magic and miracles” you will be experiencing and taking with you into your unfolding future. This is much more than indulging yourself – you will forever be transformed and you’ll also learn how to master the manifestation process – simply, easily and quickly!

Read what others had to say about our past weekend transformational events:

There is nothing more important in your world than you. You are the source of your entire universe. You powerfully create consciously and unconsciously your experiences and results in your life. Doesn’t it seem then that what could be more important than learning to master the manifestation process?

Limited space for this event. Please RSVP at info@getyourlifenow.com – today!




October 6, 2023 @ 12:00 pm
October 8, 2023 @ 7:00 pm
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Joshua Tree, CA


Sterling Mire