The Art of Manifestation for Professionals

Major American companies spend between $700 to $1200 per employee on corporate training annually. Yet, training programs have proven to be less effective than these firms often anticipate. The researchers of management consulting corporation McKinsey & Company researchers recently asked a broad spectrum of employees whether they believed that their training programs significantly increased their company’s overall performance. Only 1 out of 4 of these employees said yes.

The critical element in this scenario that seems to be missing is engaging the material in training that is more personalized and affects all aspects of both employee and corporate leadership lives, not just in the workplace. Think of it like this: if an employee builds and sustains healthy personal relationships workplace relationships will also vastly improve. Cooperation, integrity and productivity soars. The opposite is also true. If an employee is suffering from conflict in the workplace and lacks the tools to effectively communicate in order to solve the issues at hand that person will return home frustrated, depressed and angry contributing to further degradation of his/her personal life.

When employees learn effective, enriching communication skills, they feel empowered and capable of creating a harmonious, solution-based workspace.

One of the top reasons for issues that emerge in the workplace are employees who drag past dramas and personal traumas with them back to their jobs. Sterling Mire’s Art of Manifestation for Professionals effectively provides critical exercises and productive tools to put their disempowering beliefs and destructive thought patterns to rest, once and for all. After AOM training, employees are free from past constraints and can provide the workspace with ease, dedication and focus to generate a thriving business.

There are two primal human needs that must be met before all people can truly be effective and productive in their business lives and behavior.

  • To make a difference
  • To be accepted by others

Once these two basic needs are met, the top results are:

  1. Cooperative relationships
  2. Team work
  3. Creating valuable contributions to the company
  4. Productivity doubles
  5. Loyalty to the company
  6. Honest and open lines of communications
  7. Commitment to company mission statement
  8. Healthy, harmonious, happy employees
  9. Fewer costly sick leave days

The results that Sterling provides her client’s businesses are extraordinary. Her proven track record has helped to dramatically transform small businesses and corporations alike.

The unique AOM System surpasses traditional employee training programs and employee morale pep-talk speeches because it offers direct experiential learning versus a conceptual narrative that cannot be acted upon easily. Her presentations are powerful, engaging and fun, allowing participants to experience long-lasting, effective changes at home and in the workplace. What’s more, her clients retain these powerful, fail-proof tools to use for life!

Each AOM participant is provided a simple step-by-step manual for extraordinary business and living – a manual for life!

“Within two weeks of working Sterling’s AOM system, our company entered into record-breaking sales quarter that was sustained for over a full year! I had never been so inspired to be productive. I was genuinely surprised that work was something I looked – and still look forward to everyday!”
Nora W.
Creative Design Team