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Manifest Your Best – LIFE!.

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Sterling Mire – ‘Manifestation Coach for Celebrities’ as described by OK! Magazine.  Author of her new book ‘The AOM System – Manifestation Mastery in 30 days!

Dan Perez, MD, LAc- Owner and Clinical Director of Yi Guan Acupuncture and Chinese Herbalism with over a decade of doctoral experience.

Master Cultivation and Manifestation To Connect To Your Destiny In ONE Event!

The world, like it or not, is conditioned to keep you from your true best self. Ignoring these distractions is easy and it definitely will inhibit your ability to live a happy, healthy and successful life.

Learn powerful techniques from masters from antiquity to modern times to circumvent these blocks. The process is easy, fun and fast acting!

With all we’ve endured globally, we can finally put the past in the past where it belongs and get on with the here, now and future!

Does this sound like you?

  • You have plenty of ideas, hopes and dreams but you lack the resources to see it through and get the results you desire?
  • Are you having issues with stress, anxiety or even depression that affects your initiative and productivity?
  • Are your thoughts leading you instead of the other way around?
  • Are you not fulfilling on your purpose, stuck and at a dead-end?
  • Are you just surviving versus thriving in your life?
  • Do you feel like you’ve exhausted your options and are fed up with the way things are?
  • Are you ready for big shifts, positive changes and a life that is fulfilling, vibrant and endless success?

Then read on because this is what you can expect over just 3 days!

  • Remove blocks and insecurities so you can access happiness and success!
  • Remove all blocks from the past: traumas, losses, disappointments, any and all upsets experienced from childhood up to current times.
  • Access the power to create and experience your ideal life
  • Gain the ability to create the perfect day and live it on a daily basis
  • Live stress free no matter what!
  • Know and access your limitless creative powers. Master the art of creating anything you want in life and bringing it into the physical realm at lighting speed.
  • Your life will be transformed into: confidence, clarity, security, understanding, peace, unconditional love, strong intuition, magic and miracles operating with your infinite powers!

This 3-day weekend course will deliver results beyond your highest expectations!

With Sterling – Master the manifestation process and excel with Sterling’s foolproof AOM System. Create and attract everything you can imagine for you and your life! Experience life like never before. Expect your life to be so powerfully transformed it’s unrecognizable!

Success and happiness manifestation coach is also known as a celebrated coach for top corporate companies such as Google, Hyatt, Hilton, LifeTime channel amongst many others!

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Jennifer J.


Sterling has completely changed my life!!! I was going through a devastating breakup and at a slump in my life and career, taking anxiety medications, and practicing any unhealthy behaviors I could. I did the AOM program, and a month later I am completely transformed. Friends and family can’t believe how much I am glowing! Everyone notices the changes….past therapy sessions had me reliving the past traumas in my life and left me depressed and basically suicidal. The AOM system worked far better. I’ve changed the way I think and live and so many wonderful freaking crazy things have happened.

Now, I wake up everyday thinking WHAT MAGIC IS NEXT? Because there always is. Thank you so much Sterling!!

Eugenio V.


After 30 days, just 30 days, I know that I am completely a new person. My life is totally awesome and I feel like I’ve already accomplished what I would have hoped to accomplish in a year! Overall, I feel more productive, motivated, and excited. All areas of my life got a powerful jump-start. I can see that all that I manifested is actually happening! Thanks to Sterling and the AOM System, I discovered the power of manifestation and all the gifts it brings when practiced!

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With Dr. Perez – A fire does not burn without the log. Without steam, the engine will not run. Cultivation of a stronger sense of self and the energies that drive you is essential in order to manifest your best life. Learn to achieve a better understanding and control of your inner world using meditation techniques and energy practices. These skills have been honed and refined by the numerous who have learned them and benefited from antiquity through to today. Dr. Perez’s extensive experience with these practices along with his knowledge of both Eastern and Western medicine can easily put these tools to your good use. Learn how to heal your body and heal your mind.

More about Dr. Perez

Sarah W.


I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Perez! He really listens to every detail, and always crafts a treatment that works. I’ve never worked with anyone this patient! He has helped me with everything from an upset stomach after antibiotics to facial palsy and I truly believe he is personally invested in improving my health. I strongly recommend him to anyone searching to improve their health.

Margaret C.

Austin, Texas

I feel very fortunate to have been treated by you. You have always managed to pinpoint the important areas to work on and now, finally, there is progress showing in those areas. As you say “acupuncture doesn’t happen overnight”. Thank you for your patience, concern, and persistence in my treatment.

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All you need is a spiral notebook, your commitment and enthusiasm!

Plan to come as you are and leave entering into a whole new life, a whole newly healed self, a new realm of possibilities that are fun to achieve, with tools, confidence and know how that you will benefit from the rest of your life!

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June 3rd: 6 pm – 8 pm

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The AOM Group Manifestation – 3 Day Power Course Via Zoom!

Sterling will be leading this extraordinary 3-day workshop!

Get ready for your world to be powerfully altered within three days of fun, magic and miracles!

The AOM system is a practical, air-tight, celebrated system that works like magic producing tangible results almost instantly! AOM will completely alter the way you relate to yourself and your world. Imagine completing your weekend with the ability to literally say what you want to happen in your life and receive 80-100% of your intentions fulfilled on a daily basis!

The Manual for Life – Step-by-step AOM manifestation guidebook is yours to keep to continue mastering the manifestation process.

Invite your friends and family to attend this exclusive workshop with you and experience a transformed existence together!

What others had to say about The AOM System:

Work in an intimate group setting and transform you life in just 3 days via Zoom!

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Space is limited (up to 6 participants per group) and we do fill up fast!


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The AOM Group Manifestation – 3 Day Power Course Via Zoom!

Sterling will be leading this extraordinary 3-day workshop!

Get ready for your world to be powerfully altered within three days of fun, magic and miracles!

The AOM system is a practical, air-tight, celebrated system that works like magic producing tangible results almost instantly! AOM will completely alter the way you relate to yourself and your world. Imagine completing your weekend with the ability to literally say what you want to happen in your life and receive 80-100% of your intentions fulfilled on a daily basis!

The Manual for Life – Step-by-step AOM manifestation guidebook is yours to keep to continue mastering the manifestation process.

Invite your friends and family to attend this exclusive workshop with you and experience a transformed existence together!

What others had to say about The AOM System:

Work in an intimate group setting and transform you life in just 3 days via Zoom!

Reserve your spot TODAY!

Space is limited (up to 6 participants per group) and we do fill up fast!


Your Zoom link will be emailed to you 1 day before course begins.


Broken But Not Beaten

Written by Sterling Mire

Today, Paulina Porizkova in a rare interview, poured her heart out on CBS’S Sunday News show over the recent loss of her ex husband, front man for the rock group The Cars, Ric Ocasek, coupled with the devastating shock of betrayal having been written out of his final will after 30 years of marriage.

My empathy for what she is currently going through encouraged me to write about my own devastating divorce and betrayal. Watching her interview today conjured up memories of my past “confront and regroup” days where I generously and lovingly give myself space to continue to recover and heal from the unexpected and abrupt divorce that turned my life upside down. I mean, I was blissfully married to the “love of my life”. What I had created in my marriage was perfect and ideal for me. I used to jokingly say that if I had a magic wand throw it away unused – that’s how perfect my marriage was. Up to our very last days together we laughed, sang songs, affectionately and lovingly ended our nights together. So what went “wrong” you may ask.

Although I was thrilled with my married life it doesn’t guarantee my husband would feel the same. He was exceptionally good at hiding his own inner demons. He was struggling with his own personal journey through life. Dissatisfied and desperate for change, he threw everything in his life out, including me, (and I mean everything except a cell phone and computer). In a desperate attempt to bring about the much sought-after change, overwrought with anxiety and confusion, he made a cross country move in an effort to simplify and start fresh. It’s easy for us human beings to lose perspective and sometimes act hastily when we feel it’s our last resort. Although now, with a little breathing space and clear perspective, it now occurs to him that divorce may not have held the answers. But, hindsight is 20/20.

Transitioning from a loss is a process. If we allow ourselves to accept the process, it will be a much easier and smoother ride.

Let it be what it is. I am a firm believer that we must not allow our feelings to dominate our lives, yet we also cannot dismiss them away or distract ourselves with a number of escapisms that are at our fingertips. Taking a day to ourselves to cry, write in a journal, talk to a friend or family member, listen to an inspirational podcast, watch something uplifting or read articles like this one, and my personal favorite: ending the re-alignment day with a Release Letter exercise. The Release Letter exercise is something I created for myself that I share with my clients. The healing and shift it provides powerfully allows for the negative energies to be released. We then are free from the stranglehold it has over our lives and us. It can be used to transform any disempowering relationship that is holding us back from living our version of an ideal life. Whether that relationship is in the form of a person, an experience or even an object, such as finances.

Our lives are made up of relationships and although it may not be obvious at first glance, we have a relationship to everything. The experiences we have and the outcomes we produce are reflective of these relationships that produce our lives. It directly impacts our lives and plays a vital part in what occurs in our lives.

Taking time out to lounge around in bed going wherever our emotions lead us is hardly indulgent in the scheme of things yet it is just that: indulgent, which is beneficial for the healing process.

If we immerse ourselves fully in the process we are confronting fully, purging fully and this allows us to bounce back into our lives and continue living, moving and growing our lives and ourselves forward into the future as we deal with our past.

The healing process is a dance. Three steps forward, two steps back all the while making progress. Progress is the only thing to focus on. If we step back and look at our lives as an observer, the question to ask ourselves is: are we making progress overall? This is the most important question versus asking, “How long this process will take?”. It will take however long it takes and if we are effectively making progress, that is all that matters. And it is perfect, however long that is.

The emotional healing process is much like the physical healing process. Liken it to healing a broken ankle. You may experience steady, albeit slow progress only to awake one morning feeling like you’ve slid back and your ankle feels worse than ever. You have not only feel you’ve stepped back in your progress (no pun intended) but you then experience frustration and confusion over what appears to be a setback. Remembering the three steps forward two steps backward analogy helps to keep things in perspective. It only appears you are going backward because it’s easy to lose sight of that one step that you take forward each time you move two steps back.

Because of the work I do and teach, I thankfully got to bypass a lot of the pain and suffering (and additional healing) that often accompanies loss.

It comes in the form of regrets, questioning ones’ own self worth and doubts about choices made in the past. Those are huge obstacles to overcome and are actually optional. You must not choose to over-burden yourself by being too overly critical. You were probably doing the best you could with what you knew at that time. When we examine our choices and behavior with an objective eye versus judgmental. We can learn from our past experiences. This is a great gift to carry with us into our future!

Showing ourselves some compassion helps us to then focus on the challenge of change when dealing with loss. Although losing something you never wanted to live without is the most challenging, however, even desired change can also come with its own set of challenges due to what I call “the change factor”. Positive change can conjure up fear of moving into uncharted territory and the unfamiliar and unpredictable can be a harrowing experience for many. Yet, if we are equipped with tools for change it can be an exhilarating and inspiring period that lifts and carries us into the future with great anticipation, excitement and security.

My AOM (Art of Manifestation) work also allowed me to see his choice to leave was not a reflection of me. In fact, I was able to see so clearly from the first day of separation that I supported his decision. I could see the pain he was finally revealing to me and wanted him to work out his personal issues the best way he knew how: on his own. I stood by him and was there for him, as a friend. He showed his appreciation by consistently showering me with cards he sent to me ever generous with acknowledgments and love. Yes, love. The love was never absent. We continue to talk almost daily supporting one another as friends. He is my most trusted confidante and I even talk to him about my grieving process, never projecting blame onto him for anything. I know I am responsible for my own happiness and experiences in my life. I know I am cherished and valued deeply by him.

If it wasn’t for the AOM work we would have parted paralyzed by betrayal, anger, hatred, bitterness, irreconcilable sorrow and certainly void of love.

We often move ahead in life with this “baggage” and rather unconsciously expect the next person to fix our past situation and our broken hearts. However, the next person to take his/her place will never heal our pain for they had nothing to do with the creation of that pain. Actually, not even the person who was the catalyst for our pain can heal us. We are the only ones who can heal our pain because we are the only ones who created it.

Be kind to yourself as you heal. You don’t have to go through this period alone. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. There are tools and steps you can take to not only overcome the struggle of accepting loss but can even allow you to soar to greater heights of living than you’ve ever imagined!

I am now out of the “limbo” phase of coming to terms with my loss and I am now experiencing my created, blooming and inspiring future; which includes my richly reinvented, love-filled relationship with my ex-husband.

I’ve graduated from the frequent rollercoaster of emotions that inherently comes with the early stages of grieving a loss. Now, I keep things in balance and stay in my authentic, empowered place with my morning ritual so I can live fully, courageously, joyously, gratefully and powerfully on a daily basis. This allows me to jump into my day knowing that I am creating magic and miracles, and I absolutely LOVE IT! After all, periodically we do this to our living space, why wouldn’t we do the same with our lives? Setting aside time to “take the trash” out of our lives that we’ve accumulated along the way is a healthy choice to restore peace, clarity, freedom and balance.

As I take a bird’s eye view of the past three healing years to gain a perspective of how I progressed during this transitory period, I am extraordinarily pleased with my life and myself.

I see how I didn’t hold my life hostage and spiral down (as the old me would have) but instead I balanced the healing process with the growth of my life. I wrote my intended book, nurtured and expanded my business, took some illuminating and fun travels, made some new friends along the way and discovered I actually have 20 close friends that really care about me, that I can count on to be there for me if need be. I also discovered how the AOM system had generously transformed my life more than I had ever realized making the biggest loss I had ever encountered an empowering experience through the understanding, clarity and tools it provides.

In time you too can look back at this arduous period with a sense of strength and accomplishment having discovered how strong you really are and knowing that going forward you can transform anything that comes with living this human life.

For more stories and shares about how to transform and heal visit:

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10 Ways to Unlock Happiness….Everyday!




  1. the state of being happy.

    “she struggled to find happiness in her life”

    synonyms:pleasurecontentmentsatisfaction, cheerfulness, merrimentgaietyjoy,

  2. joyfulness, joviality, jollitygleedelight, good spirits, lightheartedness, well-beingenjoymentexhilarationelationecstasyjubilation,rapturebliss, blissfulness,
  3. euphoria, transports of delight;

    “trying to rediscover the happiness we once knew”

1. Take time out on a daily basis and simply get present to what you are grateful for. Gratitude brings more things to be grateful about. Even being grateful for it all brings the desirable things that you want! For example: If you feel you are in a dead end job that you want to change, be grateful for the job you have. Expressing gratitude has a magical way of bringing more reasons to be grateful in your future.

2. Smile. Smile at the people you interact with. Smile when you talk on the phone (people do pick up on it). Smile when you exercise. Smile when you are driving in traffic. Smile when you are alone at home. The simple act of smiling can transform any ordinary day into an extraordinary day!

3. Acknowledge people. Acknowledge the cashier. Acknowledge your loved ones. Acknowledge yourself. Acknowledgement brings people closer, creates a space for new possibilities and highlights what is working facilitating more stuff that we want that works!

4. Take time out to commune with nature. Nature has healing energy, energy we call negative ions. This energy tends to diminish the inauthenticity’s that we pick up from living in the modern world leaving us feeling refreshed, peaceful and with a perspective that is rooted in liberating truth.

5. Don’t forget about you! In this day and age we are multi-tasking, trying to find ways of getting more done faster and better. We are taking care of others but are we taking care of ourselves? Set aside time each week that is just for you. Do something at least three times a week that is just for you and keep it sacred. That means no interruptions. It’s time to stop the world and focus on you and your needs and wants. It doesn’t have to take much time just as long as it’s something that you relish and cherish.

6. Eat well and I don’t mean like a sumo wrestler! Eat healthy foods that not only make you feel good, alive and vital but make you proud of your choice. Healthy foods don’t have to take time or cost a lot of money. Take a few minutes out to look up healthy and easy recipes online. Even try a few days of eating vegan All it takes is looking at the alternatives out there and changing your point of view.  It’s easier than you think!

7. Give up negative self-talk. When we criticize ourselves we lose power. The very power that leads us to better solutions and better choices for our future. No need to be in denial about something that is not working, but recognize it for just that – something that isn’t working and look for alternatives. Drop judgments about yourself and others and you will see new openings for action and possibilities that didn’t exist before.  Funny how that works!

8. Romance the day! Yes, fall in love with the day. Notice the sun, the clouds, the birds singing, notice the flowers that you pass by or the cute little perky doggies that pass by wagging their tails with excitement for the day. Let it touch you, move you, inspire you! Find the beauty anywhere and everywhere and your creative side will thrive!

9.  Let the news snooze. Getting your daily dose of the news distorts your view of the outer world and creates anxiety, depression in your inner world. The media gets paid to shock and rock your senses putting stress in your life about things you can not do anything about. If you want to know what’s going on in the world subscribe to the online site about the good news in the world. That’s the kind of news that can make a happy difference in your life!

10.  Spend more time with family and friends face to face.  Turn the electronic world off and really be with people. Engage in conversations and really listen to what others have to say. Share your feelings and thoughts and open yourself up. Express your appreciation, respect and love. You may just find yourself in one of the happiest places on earth!

10 Habits of Outrageously Successful AND Happy People

1. They Love Challenges. Challenges are seen as opportunities not breakdowns. When unexpected or undesirable circumstances arise they look to themselves to transform the situation and love it. It is a gateway to accessing their personal power.

2. They Are Open-Minded. They inquire and ask questions of those around them. Keeping an open mind while hearing what others have to say can cause an “Ah ha” moment to show up. Being curious creates possibilities that were not previously considered.

3. They Take Responsibility. Taking responsibility means not blaming others or circumstances for when things don’t happen as planned. When we take responsibility for everything that shows up in our lives then we access the power to effect change. Apologizing and asking for forgiveness as well as promising to learn from mistakes and do better in the future is true power and integrity.

4. They Are Unstoppable. Failure has no inherent meaning. Successful and happy people know this. We create the meanings: what it means about our situation, ourselves and our world. We also have the option to create failure to mean “keep going” until we reach our destination.

5. They Engage in Healthy Competition: Competition to them does not mean that there is lack in the world so they better wipe out the competition to claim their piece of the pie. It means: they are inspired by what others create knowing that they too can create something of value. Their creations are unique unto themselves because they, the creators, are unique and therefore there is no competition in the traditional sense of the word in their world.

6. They Create Win-Win Situations. They know that there is a way to create situations that attends to everyone’s needs and wants and they won’t stop until they find and create the way.

7. They Nurture Relationships. Happy and Successful people know relationships are everything. They go out of their way to contribute to others knowing that it also helps them to feel purposeful and deepen their bonds with others. Great relationships not only provide the means for successful outcomes but also provides true fulfillment in living life. Being complete at all times in relationships leaves everyone feeling whole and complete and also able to move forward in the world with peace and gratitude.

8. They Give Up Doubting. Their fuel for life is faith. Doubting to them is pointless and leads to nowhere. The stronger the faith, the lesser the doubt, the more certain the outcome!

9. They Read. Extraordinary people read books, blogs, articles, breakthrough news that inspires them, provides knowledge, develops their spiritual side, sparks new ideas, empowers them to broaden their world. Biographies of other extraordinary people,, and educational books causes motivated action.

10. They Take Care of Themselves. They know the secret to life is quality, not quantity. They also know that if they sleep well, exercise, eat healthy, take time out to relax, live a balanced life, participate in games that involve their growth as a human being, and commune with nature they will be more effective, productive, happy, and useful to themselves, the people in their lives and to the world as a whole.

Do People Really Make Us Happy?

It appears that people can make us feel a range of emotions; happy, sad, angry, frustrated, euphoric, disappointed, depressed and the list goes on. The truth is this is an illusion. We live in a society that has convinced us that happiness lies outside of us, within our environment and through the things we accumulate. Here is a perfect example of how we have learned this way of understanding life’s happiness. A mother sees her young child crying. The mother enthusiastically offers the child a cookie. The child then seeing his/her mother smiling (happy) makes the association with the cookie as an object that possesses happiness. We could take it a bit further and look at how the cookie has an effect on the child’s brain reinforcing the idea of where happiness lies. Let’s look at the effect of the sugar in the cookie. Sugar is known to light up the reward pathways and cause a surge of feel-good hormones, like dopamine, to be released. As a result, we feel good and “happy”. The child easily confuses the cookie, or any other thing the child learns to associate with happiness, as where happiness lies.

People’s Energy DOES Have an Effect On Us

True. We are all energy. We transmit energy. We receive energy. Yet, energy changes all the time so if someone’s happy and we feel the effects of it we begin to associate thatthat is where happiness lies. We begin to confuse, once again, where happiness lives. “That person makes me happy!” or “That person makes me upset”. It may not be that we consciously want to blame or hold someone accountable for our state of being. It could be that we simply are confused as to where happiness truly is.

Taking Responsibility

Taking responsibility for how we feel is one of the most valuable lessons we can learn in life. Choosing how we feel is a conscious action. We must be fully aware to make this choice. Noticing how we feel is the first step. To choose how we want to feel in a way that is authentic and actually works is to first allow what is so to be. To simply allow it to exist. Allowing is not agreeing. Allowing is allowing. Once we allow what is, then we can make a conscious choice to choose how we want to feel. Once you choose an empowering emotion, take a moment to connect to what that feels like. Experience it fully. Maybe think of a happy memory and relive it. Embrace the feeling and let it wash over you and sink in. Then proceed with your life. It is quite simple but where people go wrong in choosing their emotions is leaving out the acceptance, allowing something to be as it is. What is surprising is that whatever undesirable emotion was being experienced will simply take care of itself and disappear.

True Happiness

Happiness is our birthright. Happiness is a skill. Like all skills, it must be practiced. When you have true happiness within, you are totally fulfilled and the things you engage in are not perceived as a pathway to lead you to happiness but an adventure you can embrace fearlessly with joy and out of the sheer excitement of being alive!

To discover more about happiness, I recommend a current documentary on NetFlix simply titled: “Happiness”. Filmmaker Roko Belic travels to more than a dozen countries, searching for the meaning of happiness.

Sterling is a celebrated professional life coach and a nationally published author. She works with clients all over the world. Her practice is located in Beverly Hills. For more information, please

Reclaiming Your Power With Forgiveness

Have you ever been so wounded by someone that your emotions run deep and steady and letting go and moving on from the situation seems impossible? Transforming the situation and moving on is the only true answer if success, health and happiness is what you seek in life. But the question remains. Why?

Why forgive someone when they have acted so thoughtless, rude, inconsiderate, selfish, mean, cruel, and even evil? Answer: It keeps us stuck in our past.

When we truly forgive someone we are saying, “I want to move on in my life to a much better future than my past experiences. I want to reclaim my power and by holding on to negative feelings I am not only disconnected from the source of all creativity, but I am creating more of what I don’t want in my life by holding on to the negative emotions. Those negative energies being produced by my thoughts are attracting more of what I do not want in my life.”

Negative energy blocks us from accessing what we truly want in life: peace, happiness, total fulfillment and our dreams being realized. When we honestly choose forgiveness, we choose compassion and love and by giving that love and compassion to the person, we free ourselves. We return to our authentic self and re-connect to the universe (which is love). We align to our power that is connected to the power of the limitless universe which creates all things authentic and life-giving. We make a connection with the great Creator who co-creates with us everything in our world that is desirable and good. That is, if we are being our authentic self which is LOVE. Love is the energy that births forgiveness, acceptance, compassion, and peace.

Isn’t life sweeter when we feel light, we experience inspiration, we feel loving and abundant? We can only truly, authentically, connect with those powerful energies that produce miracles by forgiving. That is why forgiveness is key.

Now, instead of just thinking about it and moving on from here with life’s distractions, start drawing up a list of people who need that forgiveness from you. Set them free, maybe even more importantly, set yourself free.

Comfortably Numb….

The way to prevent “feeling” is to numb out yet it’s only a temporary band-aid that never resolves our problems yet only makes them worse.

We are blessed to have our various, contrasting emotions. Without them we would not have an indication of how our lives are going. Our emotions let us know if our lives are working or not. Yet, although we embrace the good feeling emotions we deny embracing and allowing our not so good feeling emotions to exist.

We like to find ways to numb ourselves when we aren’t feeling so good yet uncomfortable emotions are an opportunity to pay attention to what we are feeling to trace where it is stemming from. Once we see where the emotion originated from we then have a golden opportunity to listen to that little voice in our head telling us something that helped create the experience of the very emotion we are trying to avoid feeling. Allowing that emotion to be and expressing it in a safe and constructive way helps clear away the debris that locks us in and blocks us from transforming it into something good.

Checking out with food, alcohol, sugar, shopping, the internet, cell phones, TV and other non-productive distractions are avenues we choose when we don’t want to deal with something. I often tell my clients as well as myself: “The only way to it is through it”. The only way we can get through what we are feeling and reconnect to the good stuff we seek in life is to confront what is causing our emotional dis-ease before it turns into physical disease.

When we confront our problems we are taking back our power instead of giving it away to numbing activities. We are also handsomely rewarded when we do this because we not only find a solution through it but we re-discover who we trulyare: courageous and strong.  This leads us to peace and completion, healing and freeing us for the future.

There are various ways to delve into what is upsetting us so we can work through it. Meditation, communing with nature, talking to friends and family, journaling, consulting a professional advisor are some of the ways we can allow others to help us find our light. When we make it through what we are here to pay attention to and learn, we can move past the issue once and for all, putting it and keeping it in the past – where it belongs. Through the practice of confronting our issues we grow wiser, stronger and more confident in confronting the next set of life’s challenges. Yes, it’s very possible to grow to the point where we even welcome the challenges in life because we know we are that powerful to transform our situations and our emotions fearlessly!

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