These are just some of the results clients received within 30 days of engaging in the AOM system

Jennifer J.

Los Angeles, CA

Sterling has completely changed my life!!! I am so grateful for her!!! Backstory: I was going through a devastating breakup and at a slump in my life and career, taking anxiety medications, and practicing any unhealthy behavior I could get my hands on.
My friends were all worried and I was gifted a session with Sterling because I was doing so unwell. I went in so skeptical. But after meeting Sterling I knew I needed to dive into this, so I did the AOM program, and a month later I am completely transformed. Friends and family can’t believe how much I am glowing! Everyone notices the changes. Honestly, I wish I hadn’t even gone to my therapy sessions because it had me reliving the past traumas in my life. It left me depressed and basically suicidal. The AOM system worked far better. I’ve changed the way I think and live and so many wonderful freaking crazy things have happened.

Procrastination and fear have disappeared and I am moving forward with sheer inspiration and achieving my goals daily and easily. I come from a place of peace and understanding in regards to my ex and I feel whole, complete and free, something I never thought would happen when I started. Medical bills were miraculously “made exceptions” and taken care of, I ran into A list casting directors I was trying to target, I’m booking jobs and swimming in abundance all the time, etc. My friendships and relationships are deeper and more meaningful than ever. I could not recommend this program more. Sterling is a goddess and has created such a beautiful life changing method. I wake up everyday thinking WHAT MAGIC IS NEXT, because there always is. Thank you so much Sterling!!

Lana L

Zagreb, Croatia

Sterling is incredibly intuitive and kind. Her Art of Manifestation system works if you follow her step-by-step instructions.
I had wanted to move to my home country for 7 years but my husband didn’t want to. After doing her Art of Manifestation the decision was made to move within 2 weeks!”

What she teaches you stays with you throughout your life and what’s best, she is always there for you on your journey!
If you need to transform your life in any way, Sterling will show you the way. You just have to open the door and take that first step…

Quiniece B.

Los Angeles, CA

I tried getting things moving for 18 months and nothing was happening. That’s when I decided to sign up for Sterling’s AOM System. I chose her 2nd package. After feeling so stuck, I now feel satisfied with everything in my life! In no time, things started moving in the direction I want my business to go! I have also found that I am being more present and letting things go, which makes the process of fulfilling on my dreams even easier and much more stress free. I’ve also definitely gained peace, clarity and freedom and feel free to move forward with my goals. I no longer feel like it’s going to take so long to create what I want. My goals are happening NOW and I can feel and see them coming into reality beautifully!

I am creating satisfying work relationships. People at work gravitate towards me! I feel much more confident within myself and with where my life is going. I am more open with others and I feel more connected. I am able to contribute and make an impact for others in such a positive way. Even my daughter is doing better than ever and so are all my close relationships. I now have the ability to create what I want and have it show up on a daily basis! I can clear and transform whatever is not working quickly and with ease. I know how to move forward and be unstoppable and achieve my dreams! Things have improved so dramatically, I am going for another 30 days of coaching transformation with Sterling. I am truly grateful for you, Sterling, and the work that you do – Thank you!

Loewy W.

Liverpool, England

Due to a stressful love life, taking college classes and experiencing failure to find an internship, I was experiencing depression and was in a bad place mentally. I truly believe Sterling has a gift and talent, so I decided to sign up for The AOM system, which is short for The Art of Manifestation System, a way to master the manifestation process. The AOM system is an incredible 30-day adventure. Yes, there’s work to do in order to transform and renew your life, but it’s worth it! While daily engaging in the AOM system, I experienced daily improvements. In a very short period of time, I received exciting couple work offers, I started dating a new person that I am very happy with, I’ve met many new and inspiring and interesting people. I am happy! I love, appreciate and feel good about myself when before I just doubted myself and felt alienated. I am not late to appointments anymore either, ha! And so much more to tell! All good things are happening in all areas of my life! Thank you so much Sterling for saving me from a very bad period of my life and for guiding me onto the right track! I’m looking forward to more magical happenings in the future! 🙂

Tan S.

Los Angeles, CA

My experience with Sterling was absolutely life-changing. More than anything she helped me put life into perspective. I no longer feel stressed out or overwhelmed with the day-to-day hustle and bustle of life. I’ve notice a significant change with the relationships I have with people in my life; they are all positive. Through her AOM system, I am able to transform a severe heath issue, purchase a new car, sign a lease to brand new apartment in a brand new development in a brand new community, remove unnecessary baggage in my life, and more than anything, live daily feeling limitless about what’s possible in life! These are things I had been yearning to accomplish for the last 24 months but just had not a clue as to how’d I’d obtain them or even come close to having the desires of my heart. Sure, I was well acquainted with the concepts like the “Secret” by Rhonda Byrne, the law of attraction and similar ideas, but that simply wasn’t enough. Nevertheless, what I didn’t realize is that struggled with actually knowing how to manifest what I wanted, but I quickly learned how-to through this awesomely amazing AOM process! The greatest thing about attaining all the things I desired is that with the help of AOM system, I achieved these things within a 30-day time frame! Thank you Sterling. I will always and forever be grateful for the significant life changes. Because of your amazing coaching sessions and your AOM system, I now know the key ingredient of manifesting what I need, want, and desire for my life now and for the future.

Maurine B.

Pacific Palisades, CA

Having studied the principles of manifestation for years, I am so excited to finally have the tools and step-by-step process to put it all into action! The Art of Manifestation has taught me how to lay the past to rest, once and for all, and begin creating the life I have always wanted. Sterling is an incredible coach who sees you for the magnificence you truly are and a fearless leader who opens your eyes, mind and heart to your infinite potential. My boyfriend and I began The Art of Manifestation together and have really enjoyed watching and experiencing our growth both individually and as a couple. Our relationship has deepened and we are having so much fun consciously creating our future! Thank you Sterling!!

Sofia G.

San Francisco, CA - USA

I came to Sterling at the beginning of 2014 looking for a life coach. I was frustrated and disappointed with my perspective on the world (I used to be so optimistic but a few big disappointments had gotten me down) and my life in general. I had lost my sense of myself but have now gained a knowing that my journey in life can truly be a magical one filled with inexplicable coincidences, fun and happy surprises for I am now living it!

I’ve been using the AOM system for a year now. Here are just a few things I achieved during that time: many national commercials, a viral video I created that “topped the charts” and have opened limitless opportunities, the perfect people showing up exactly when I wanted them to, incredible love the way I’ve always envisioned for myself, powerful relationships, an outstanding family relations, my health is fantastic, I am happy and whole and complete within myself, feel empowered and inspired by my unfolding future.

I work the AOM system and my life is truly magical and miraculous! My words and strengthened integrity are powerful and so are my outcomes all while enjoying the ride immensely!

I am so grateful I have Sterling as a life coach!

Eugenio V.

Mexico City, Mexico

I met Sterling during a stage in my life in which I felt stalled in many areas. I then decided to hire her as my coach using her Art of Manifestation (AOM) method for a period of 30 days. I choose the Speed of Light package. In a short amount of time, 30 days, I have experienced a full turnaround in my way of being, and a total change of direction. I received so much more than I had ever initially expected or hoped for! Without getting into details, I have had unbelievable breakthroughs in health, career, relationships and that’s not all. Many of those things I have been working on for years! The AOM takes you through a journey to identify and release your attachments to your past, allowing you to create a new present version of yourself and a new future version of you, through manifestation. During the whole process Sterling guides you step by step, and through the several assignments that you perform. She is always there to listen to you, support you, and guide you.

After 30 days, just 30 days, I know that I am completely a new person. My life is totally awesome and I feel like I’ve already accomplished what I would have hoped to accomplish in a year! Overall, I feel more productive, motivated, and excited. All areas of my life got a powerful jump-start. I can see that all that I manifested is actually happening! Thanks to Sterling and the AOM System, I discovered the power of manifestation and all the gifts it brings when practiced! Highly recommended and so worth it!!

Danielle L.

New York, NY

I actually found Sterling’s services on Yelp, and felt so compelled to contact her from Sofia’s Yelp review. I was stuck and in what I call a can’t-get-past-go phase. I had all these amazing things I wanted to do, yet I could not put them into action. Through Sterling’s AOM program my life has drastically changed! I am now actively striving every day and living the life I always wanted. All thanks to this magical woman. Thanks again Sterling!

Sophie B.

Beverly Hills, CA

After I’d tried therapy in the past (and found it useless) I decided to try Sterling’s Art of Manifestation System. This has been the biggest life-changing thing I’ve ever experienced. Even though my life started changing the moment I started this program (I chose The Power Package) my world keeps expanding and transforming and I love it! That is why I am thrilled about discovering this program and I will continue to use it because it works powerfully. My life and I are forever changed for the better!

In my life I now experience at all times:

*Increased awareness
*Sense of ease in life
*Empowered regardless of outside circumstances and able to transform the circumstances to align to me
*Created things into existence just by saying so and on the day as I said it would
*Improved overall outlook on life
*Taking action where once stopped
*Overcame procrastination
*Developed deeper and more fulfilling relationships
*Connected to oneself powerfully
*Discovered new talents and thriving
*Powerfully Independent
*Job improvements and new opportunities
*Effortless living and thriving instead of just surviving

If you are ready for an extraordinary life then go see Sterling and do her Art of Manifestation program!

Sarah Amer

Cairo, Egypt

The truth is I can write an entire book about STERLING! Wherever/whoever you are CONSIDER yourself LUCKY that you ended up on this page right now. I know there are a million incredible reviews about Sterling, I read every single one before I started and although they were extremely encouraging … I was still a bit skeptical. Could she really be that incredible like everyone says she is?? Here’s the truth: STERLING EXCEEDED MY EXPECTATIONS.

I’m 23 years old and have been suffering from a severe case of bedwetting since I was 3 years old. To summarize it, it’s destroyed not only my body but my self-esteem and built in me this well of self-destruction that always terrorized me. I traveled the world and went to fancy doctors everywhere but no one was able to help me. Despite all this I had achieved so much but I was still paralyzed with fear. After 20 years of suffering, Sterling was my fairy godmother. My sister found Sterling in summer of 2018 and raved about her. She met her and loved her instantly (how could you not! You’ll see when you meet her). She had tried dozens of other therapies and programs but told me Sterling was unprecedented. She quite literally forced me to go see her and I was incredibly resistant. I was so subconsciously stuck in my traumas I didn’t think it was possible that this AOM system could ever work. Definitely not for me. The damage was done. But Sterling never gave up on me and guided me every single step along the way.

The reality is, Sterling is a gift to this world. She is the guru we all need and the healer the world is desperately craving. You may be very comfortable with your therapist and think it’s not necessary to see someone in addition… let me just clarify something… besides the beautiful friendship and extraordinary love that Sterling gives she ultimately guides you in stepping into your power. She pushes you to a realm beyond the awareness of regular therapy where you find yourself truly liberated, enlightened, and achieving things you never thought possible. Therapy was ofcourse incredibly helpful and eye-opening but Sterling instilled in me a power that no therapy could ever reach. Let me say it this way – if therapy allows you to gain awareness on different aspects of your life, Sterling guides you in not only becoming aware but making all your dreams come true! Dreams you never thought were possible. She is a master at her craft. There is simply no one like her in this world. I never in a million years thought I would be out of the place I was in and be able to find anyone who could truly help me. I feel so blessed that our paths crossed and I beg you to call her up right now and start the program! I truly don’t know how else to emphasize it. All I can say is, she’s transformed my sister’s life and mine and in all our achievements she will always be our bigger shoutout! She saved me. Don’t waste another minute. Sterling, I love you and don’t know where I would be without you. You are a gift to this world. Eternally grateful and indebted to you.

Inman B.

Oakland, CA

I started Sterling’s Art of Manifestation Speed of Light package about a month ago. It’s been an amazing experience so far – the program is specific, literal and focused in an area that tends to be vague and abstract. She’s easy to talk to, clear and relatable. I’m extremely excited to see how far I can go with this. I personally don’t see any downside for anyone to try her program – there’s only upside to it.

Carmen S.

Bronx, NY

My daughter and I had found Sterling on Yelp and we decided to go see her together. It was such a great experience! We both left there feeling like intrigued and inspired by Sterling’s Art of Manifestation System. So, my daughter started the program and I followed shortly afterwards. Although I have always tried to be a positive person, I felt like there was more to it then just being positive because it just felt like sometimes it was too exhausting. My breaking point was just feeling like spinning my wheels and just feeling like I had to explore other avenues to really help me move forward and accomplish my goals in life.

Although I was a little skeptical I was willing to give it a try. Then I decided to move forward manifesting and putting the intention out there that I already passed the bar – that it’s a done deal!! On May 15, I was beyond happy when I got my bar results being the pass rate is so low and had previously thought I couldn’t cut it as an attorney. Since then, I have completed several assignments and I am very proud and I feel much more confident in my skills.

As time moved on, I just felt more confident in different aspects of my life. I focused on other areas I wanted a breakthrough in and previously felt challenged by for a long time and had thought was insurmountable. Now I feel much more healthier. I quickly lost 10 lbs. It’s just amazing how something as natural as Sterling’s Art of Manifestation System can cause such major transformations in my life.

In 2 1/2 short months, I now feel like I am a much different person, I feel very relaxed, in control and confident. It is really a great feeling to know that yes, you can make things happen for yourself; you don’t have to wait on anyone, do it now, today!!!

Make it happen because the ironic part of manifesting your intentions is that anyone can do it and it does not just apply to the rich and educated. Now my life looks brighter, I am happier and the word hope has been replaced by a knowing that yes it can and will happen. I am different because I look at all aspects of my life differently now in terms of my personal relationships, as well as my professional life. In both of these areas I just focus on what I want my life to be like and proceed as if that is how my life is and I start seeing these things manifest. My relationship with my daughter is so much more grounded and we totally get each other. I just don’t sit back and wait for things to happen anymore – I make them happen.
Another example:
I wanted to own a home again and was told by a supposedly top mortgage person, that I could not qualify at this time. So, I didn’t accept that story, I just went to get pre-approved and I did! Now I am actively looking for the right house, which is on its way, I know. I have accomplished better relationships, passing the bar, getting a pre-approval on a mortgage, a new home in the works. The sky’s the limit!

Darwane R.

Long Beach, CA - USA

I have been working with Sterling’s Art of Manifestation system for about 2 months now. Since then my life have changed dramatically. I am now able to create and accomplish many miraculous things in my life such as jobs, meeting new people, a vacation consultant, wonderful surprises and money miracles all of which has been in alignment to the life I have created with Sterling’s Art of Manifestation System. Just recently I got a job that is in alignment to the life I have created! I know that without Sterling’s help it would not have been possible, so thank you, Sterling for being patient, generous, helpful and sweet since the day I first met you.

Jennifer E.

Sydney, Australia

I embarked on the AOM program with Sterling at a time in my life where I really felt that I needed the guidance, insight and support to change my direction, outlook and success in all aspects of where I was heading and how I was dealing with a seemingly chaotic barrage of everything! Sterling was patient and understanding from the onset and very quickly made real change possible. The program is insightful and nurturing and equips you with tools, strategies and support to employ a true “shift” in life and direction.
Since working AOM I am more balanced, focused, happy and trusting in the life that I am creating. Doors open; life falls into the space that you have created for it. It’s a practical approach that is grounding and successful, and it is simple to apply. I highly recommend Sterling and her programs to anyone looking at making a significant and positive change in their life.

Mike B.

Pacific Palisades, CA - USA

I have just completed the 30-day course, “The Art of Manifestation” (AOM) by Sterling and I can honestly say that it has transformed my life. I have always been a seeker, looking for ways to become the best person I can be, and nothing has ever come close to the results I am now living in due to the AOM system. Now, so many of my old, negative ways of being have fallen away and a new, exciting world has opened up for me. Sterling has created a powerful system based on the Manifestation principle and has summarized it in a very clear, easy to follow course. The tools she has created are incredibly effective and once you start using them they will keep working for you so you will not lose the advancements you make, you will simply build upward, success upon success. This is the truly transforming result I have experienced.

Following this course as she has constructed it. I quickly began to get results. Next, it became even more exciting and motivating, inspiring me to go deeper. Then, further in, I began to get glimpses of the unlimited potential the AOM system could hold for me. All this was solidified and held together by Sterling’s personal coaching. She questioned me, challenged me and guided me in all aspects but especially where different aspects had not yet sunk in. I highly recommend this course to any one who has ever wanted more from their life and just can’t seem to find the way to get it- now you can get real, lasting and tangible results with the AOM system by Sterling!

Kai A.

Los Angeles, CA

I went to Sterling feeling very stagnant and unsure of how to move forward in my life. She suggested her AOM program to me and it made a world of difference. It completely changed my outlook on life in general and my problems specifically. She made me feel supported and held me accountable to achieving my goals. She went well above and beyond what traditional coaches would, by always keeping an ear out for opportunities for me to achieve my goals. She’s makes herself available any time you need her for tips or advice on how to succeed in the program, which is very helpful. I can’t stress enough how much she helped me and I began to see my goals come to fruition very early in the process. I will continue with the program and will be going back to her. I think that everybody should do it! We’d all be living much more abundant and happy lives 🙂

Dina A.

Cairo, Egypt

Sterling’s AOM system has been life altering! I’m someone who’s always kept a spiritual practice and my heart is better because of it but my head needed some organizing. I started with the Speed of Light 30 day program and with Sterling’s airtight method dived deep into transforming long standing patterns and narratives that were not serving me at all. Sterling’s program which truly re-wired my brain towards peace, empowerment and self-belief. She has been able to help me in a way that no kind of therapy ever did. Her program has become sacred and has only strengthened my faith that I am more than enough to navigate my life with purpose and clarity. I’m so grateful for her arrival into my life, the results have been so powerfully felt that I’ve put everyone I know into her program. Even the most skeptical of my friends and family have gained such magical results from her method and it’s become a necessity to their everyday and every moment. If you’re looking to get out of you’re own way and to start living with more clarity and power I strongly urge you to start working on yourself with Sterling. This program is for everyone and I wish the whole world would sign up for it. Thank you Sterling for being such a beautiful mirror and for helping me and so many people I care about transform our lives.

Ryan B.

Los Angeles, CA

Sterling is truly a blessing and I am so thankful for meeting her and working with her. The day I first met her, my energy was completely off and I felt kind of like I was running in place and not going anywhere in all areas of my life. I decided to start with her Speed of Light package and the name speaks for itself because in just a week of applying her techniques and doing the work, events or even better, miracles that I had envisioned started to manifest in my life.

She has a strong understanding of manifestation and I could say first hand that her techniques not only work but ultimately gives you hope, happiness, and even makes you a better person. I strongly recommend taking her classes because she really cares and is making a difference in peoples lives. You will be more than happy to realize that you could truly have anything you want in life. And I am learning that now from Sterling and I’m forever grateful. Thank you so much Sterling! I look forward to watching everything unravel as it has already started. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 🙂

Shelton N.

Fredricksburg, TX - USA

Sterling is an excellent coach! She has inspired me and helps me to live my life to the fullest and live my life NOW! I now recognize that we are always creating and manifesting. Now I know how to create that which I want in life and live my beautiful and authentic life. If you are looking to attract and create that which you desire then she is the coach for you! She gives you the tools to win. I am so grateful to call her my coach!

Thank you Sterling!

Cristina S.

Los Angeles, CA - USA

Where do I begin with Sterling!?
Wow! She is beautiful inside and out, genuine, loving, intelligent, funny… I could go on and on!

My coworker recommended me to her. I choose the Speed of Light package and boy is that an understatement. I’m now moving so fast and feel like everything is happening all at once that I’m having trouble keeping up with all of the great things that are showing up in my life. All amazing stuff though!

It’s SO worth it. Who I am now vs the person I was when I walked in for my initial session is night and day and this is only the beginning. I am experiencing things that I never would have imagined! Yes it’s overwhelming at times, but if you do the work, your life will change!

If you are in a funk, stuck, and/or just need a major shift in your life, please do yourself a favor and go see the one and only, Sterling!!

Sara B.

Los Angeles, CA - USA

I recently completed Sterling’s 30-day AOM system and highly recommend it. It’s a comprehensive approach to learning how to let go of obstructions, identify what would bring joy in all areas of my life and through daily exercises and practice, I’m on a powerful new path. I feel a shift and have already realized some of the magic.

Jim R.

Torrance, CA - USA

Before 30 days of the AOM system, I was stuck in life. The years went by and my progress would spin in an infinite loop in which some progress is made and suddenly I am back to where I started – another “Groundhog’s Day”. I kept seeing my own reflection with bitterness and frustration, because I kept experiencing, as an adult, the same bullying, verbal assaults, and emotional manipulation as a kid. I had so many health setbacks! While in college, I contracted a severe form of chicken pox. My face was covered with M&M size pox scars. Did I lose faith? Yes, on several occasions but just they were passing thoughts. What really drove me to Sterling was a friend who had a cough during Thanksgiving and died 3 weeks later. I was informed by a text when I was working late at work. I was so busy that I didn’t have a chance to talk to her – a regret that I must live with. I then vowed “No Regrets” for my life because I may not have a full lifetime to complete what I wanted to do and achieve.

After 30 days of the AOM system, hope has been restored. Life is lighter and fun again and I am laughing. Manifestations are happening much faster and my dreams are unstoppable and untouchable by the naysayers of certain friends, family members, and my own mindset. Past negative interactions have been released and replaced with empathy and understanding versus being a victim. All of my relationships are stronger and much more positive. I no longer obsess about my health – I had allowed my health to “control me” and dictate my life. I had fear of what health crisis that was waiting around the corner for me. Through this program, I restored my empowerment over my health and just took action. My anxiety about the future stopped because I became “present”. My work productivity has increased easily and with much more ease, which has led to strong and solid confidence. For my next career movement, new career opportunities come to me rapidly and are plentiful. My communications is more influential and effective at work and in personal relationships. I wholeheartedly endorse Sterling and her program. She genuinely cares about the life path that you want.

Ariana R.

Los Angeles, CA - USA

Sterling’s AOM (Art of Manifestation program) is incredible she is so good at guiding you through the whole experience and even teaches you life practices that you can use on your own to create your own magical life! The AOM program is for anyone and everyone looking to pursue their wildest dreams!!! They really do come true with Sterling’s help!

Thank you so much Sterling!

Cristal C.

Tarzana, CA - USA

I am close to completing my second round of Speed of Light with Sterling and I’m very grateful for the journey. When I started the process I was a ball of emotions but I promised myself I would be open to it. My coaching calls helped in terms of processing my experiences and focusing on what I wanted to manifest in my life. Immediately after I began to create my days I saw a shift. I was having the experiences I wanted and manifesting with ease. I was amazed that it happened so quickly and grateful to now know firsthand that we create our lives and the experiences we want. I’ve really enjoyed the exercises Sterling gives me to practice because it has opened my eyes to how our intentions and what we think about truly manifest into reality. She’s been patient, kind and supportive throughout, which has made the experiences that much richer. We all deserve to be happy and have the life we want working with Sterling gave me a new perspective along with useful tools to create the life I want.

Jennifer C.

Los Angeles, CA - USA

I found Sterling while looking for a life coach to help me overcome my anxiety and childhood traumas. I was in therapy for about a year but felt my progress was slow. Based on the numerous 5 star reviews I decided to give her program a try. She has helped me so much just in 30 days. Through her program I have learned to forgive those who have hurt me but more importantly forgive myself and freeing myself from my past. The changes I have seen in myself and life is worth every penny. I have decided to do another 30 days with Sterling to deepen the roots of her program into my life and can’t wait to see the growth from this next round!

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